Plastic Pollution: Killer Whales

My inspiration for making mosaics out of plastic from the beach stem from the stories I hear about marine life being affected by trash. It is my hope to spread awareness through my plastic images and inspire people to do their part. So for this blog post I use my orca mosaic as my muse. … Continue reading Plastic Pollution: Killer Whales


Scuba Diving La Jolla Canyon’s Eastern Wall

Last week I was invited to scuba dive the east wall of La Jolla Canyon so I eagerly accepted the offer.  My dive buddy Jonathan and I met up at La Jolla Shores where I was introduced to his diving community.  The both of us share an interest in underwater photography and his background in scuba diving as well as … Continue reading Scuba Diving La Jolla Canyon’s Eastern Wall

Circle of Life in La Jolla Cove

Yesterday’s dive was beyond inspiring and anticipated.  With month after month of winter swells hitting the San Diego coastline I was becoming anxious for a day of good visibility and calm conditions.  Well the ocean finally granted me with gentle currents and 10 feet of visibility, along with some intimate wildlife encounters. I woke up bright and early and looked up the Scripps … Continue reading Circle of Life in La Jolla Cove