Swim between the lines

As the appetite for fish grows, so must the nets of corporate commercial fishing vessels in order to meet the demands of hungry humans. Which to some means make the nets bigger, but to others it means will there be fish for my grandchildren? The answer is vague and unknown like the ocean, but it is why I write this very passage. So should I️ stop eating fish to save them, or what’s the alternative? Well my answer to this ethical question is rod and reel baby!! If I️ could give up fish to save the sea well I️ would, but our human existence is shaped upon the consumption of fish as it fueled the evolution for us as a species. So why are these rod and reel guys the answer ?

First things first, they practice a sustainable method. Unlike bottom trawling used by vessels that destroy ecosystems and harbor by catch , rod and reel fisherman select each fish they hook. They are skilled in knowing how to locate their target without harming or uselessly taking the lives of other animals. Also if you claim to be a foodie then you damn well better ask the restaurant your ordering from how and where your fish was caught as the quality of the fish your eating is perfected by those who use rod and reel. Just ask master sashimi chef Jiro, he only selects rod and reel caught fish due to the perfection of its quality (watch Jiro on Netflix for a mindfuck on what sushi ought to be).

Luckily we’ve got legends like Greg Trompus and Joshua Shedden. One of the many passionate sea goers that love and respect the tasty fish the reel in and bring to a restaurant near you (if you live in San Diego).

I️ sat and watched them unload a massive 219 lb blue fin tuna and couldn’t help but stare in awe and appreciation for the massive fish. The work it took these two was passion for them but imagine a vessel harvesting thousands of these fish in one setting. To then sell them for shit prices just to unload them off their boat to make room for more. I’m not hating on the crew of these major operations, just hating on the concept.

I had second thoughts when I️ saw a fish so massive taken from the sea. As I’ve been told that we need the big ones to procreate in order to create other big monsters. But that’s why these guys are so important. They prove you don’t need a huge vessel, you just need heart and respect. Also they only took one of hundreds of other tuna where as a bigger outfit typically would have taken close to all. By the way it was thrilling to watch these guys unload this moose (fisherman slang for big motherfucker). But what was more enthralling was thinking about how much more sustainable rod and reel is compared to the bigger deal.

I just wonder if the people eating this fish even know the story behind it? Clearly not as we eat so blindly, but what if they did. Imagine the smiles that went across the dinner table if the humans only thought, I’d like to thank the fisherman.

I️ feel fortunate enough to have an awareness about the fish I️ eat, not only fish but meat as well. I️ do not believe in mystery meat and want to advocate that it isn’t for our civilization either. But we have to feed the masses right ?

All I️ want from the reader to take from this article is one simple word,value. Imagine your average mom shopping at Costco grabbing some tuna. Does she thank the ocean for providing her family with this protein to nourish her loved ones? No, Debbie is thinking I️ wonder how Ron would like this prepared, poached or baked? I’m getting to personal but I️ say poached, will save cooking ideas for another article. But fuck this whole article is personal as I’m challenging my own moral because three years ago I️ posted a photo on social media of blue fin tuna in the Taijima market saying I’d never eat it again. This was after reading the book “End of the Line” by Charles Clover but this was before I️ new there was two different species of blue fin. The author speaks on how the Atlantic blue fin tuna is depleted due to the heavy influence of the mafia. It’s a must read for any fish eater.

All in all I️ wanted to show how rad these rod and reel dudes are through photos but ended up ranting about some personal views. From an objective stand point, most of us eat fish and thrive! But it’s how each of us goes about finding where to get our catch counts.


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