Circle of Life in La Jolla Cove

Yesterday’s dive was beyond inspiring and anticipated.  With month after month of winter swells hitting the San Diego coastline I was becoming anxious for a day of good visibility and calm conditions.  Well the ocean finally granted me with gentle currents and 10 feet of visibility, along with some intimate wildlife encounters.

I woke up bright and early and looked up the Scripps Pier cam to check out the ocean’s conditions. I was satisfied with what I saw and headed straight to La Jolla Cove.  The ocean was 66 degrees fahrenheit so I slipped on my 3 mil wetsuit and waded in.  Right away I was greeted by a curious California sea lion.  This pinniped and I shared the same interest in one another as we observed each other respectfully.  We accepted and enjoyed our exchange then the sea lion tested me with a spin and blowing bubbles.  After our wild encounter we swam our separate ways.

While I drifted into the current many other marine organisms caught my eye.  Such as this California Spiny Lobster.  He was hiding from me under the eel grass and reef, but gave away his position while cruising around.  My familiarity with La Jolla Cove led me  to spot out my favorite fish, such as juvenile and adult garibaldis.




The juvenile garibaldi can be distinguished from adults by their opal spots.  These markings are to let the adult male garibaldis know they are not threatening upon their territory.  This damselfish is quite defensive because they are protecting a potential nursery for a female.  The adult garibaldi pictured above kept charging my lens to display his displeasure of me intruding on his space.  Although the garibaldi wanted me out of it’s space, I knew there were other fish in the sea for me.


I happily swam around enjoying the company of my fish friends.  But after an hour and a half of playing mermaid, it was time to head in.  As I treaded towards the shoreline I noticed something I’ve never seen in the ocean before.

It was a lifeless baby seal with an umbilical cord still attached.  I was so curious about the dead animal and decided to investigate it’s body.  It seemed like the mother aborted her baby as there were no signs distress on the animal.  Senorita fish fed on the seal pup and it reminded me that we are all apart of the circle of life.

Nature truly brought my soul to life on this dive.  As all the encounters I had reminded me of how delicate and playful life can be.  Thank you for for reading and continue to join me on my adventures, stay wild!

-Tame Me Wild


2 thoughts on “Circle of Life in La Jolla Cove

  1. ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!!! Makes me want to put on a wetsuit and join you right now!!! Thanks so much for sharing this very special adventure!

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